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**Cydney is currently in a 1 year rehabilitative program.  Per her program rules, she is not allowed to communicate on Social Media in any way, including mailing me (her mom) blog entries or posts for her facebook page.  I am in contact with her and I will be sharing our conversations and conveying Cydney’s sentiments, in my own words until she is able to do this herself.  This is the best compromise we could come up with to keep her being able to share her experiences with the world.  She wanted to say a big “thank you” to everyone who is following her and inspiring her to keep gong on this great adventure into sobriety.

We have begun booking for speaking dates for mid 2018. Please go to Cydney’s website @www.cydneymarlett.com if you would like to reserve a date or for more information on us coming to see you, your school or organization, to share our story!**

“I’m a young adult living with a substance use disorder.  My life hasn’t gone as planned….to say the least. But. I’m luckier than some because I’m still here and I know this.  So, I’m choosing to do something with the life I’ve been given.  Sharing my experiences as I travel through recovery….starting from where I am; County jail and the Sheriff Treatment Program…all the way to wherever this path leads me.  Thanks for coming along!

I live on the central coast of California. I’m struggling with addiction and my addiction has found me incarcerated at the moment, in the Santa Barbara County Jail. I am currently participating in the Sheriff’s Treatment Program (STP) and after 90 days I will be moved to a residential rehabilitation facility for at least a year.  This is all part of the Drug Court here in our county and after my 3rd failed attempt at recovery. This, I’m sure is going to be a rocky road but with the help of my mom on the outside and with specific instructions from me, I have decided the positive and productive path for me to take is to share my life, living with addiction. My writings and Social Media posts are mine. These are my words I have sent and will send to my mom each week for her to post for me until I am out of custody in 90 days and can take it over myself.
My eventual goal is to share my entire journey in a book which I hope has a very happy ending. I would also like to foster an organization that coordinates fun and healthy outings for other young people in recovery (Got Life?). Boredom is our worst enemy. Even with relationships, family or careers, free time can be the worst thing for us and there are many unhealthy options out there for someone fighting an addiction and wanting to live in recovery. I’d also like the opportunity to share my story through public speaking events when I am able.
Until these goals can be achieved on the outside, my present goal is to share with you my expedition into recovery and beyond. I’ve barely begun, but doing something productive with the aim of staying sober and recovering fully to the live the life I was meant, while sharing this trek with the public, preserves my hope for a different life and may aspire to give promise of a better life for someone who may be where I am right now. Addiction is a disease and although at the moment I am afraid that I will fail…..I have faith that I will not. 
Come back from time to time to check out my progress or to send me a message.  You can also stay connected to me and my story through my FaceBook page

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