The garden is planted!


We were able to construct 3 vertical palette gardens and bring them to Cyd’s program last weekend and get some herbs and vegetables growing for the house.  We also got some berry bushes planted.  We are hoping this will bring these ladies some much needed fresh ingredients to add to their diet as well as give them a project to work on together and a skill set for life after the program.  This was their idea…so we were just happy to help them make it come to fruition.  That’s what it’s all about…them doing for themselves in a positive and productive manner.

Cydney and I had a chance to have a short conversation concerning her blog and the fact she is unable to send in her own writing.  For now that’s fine as working her program and following their rules is what’s important.  I would just like to make clear here, that this blog and the facebook community page as well as her desire to speak out about her journey after rehab and possibly share her writings throughout all of this…was completely her idea and something she asked me to help start, while she was in jail.  I write. That’s what I do and have always done.  It helps me heal. The writings her, except the last post and this one….have all been Cydney’s hand.  I was raised to take the bad and find something good in it, such as sharing my experiences, as hard as it may be, with hopes it may help someone else.  Cydney has learned this as well.  We make lemonade when life hands us lemons, so  she is making lemonade by sharing her experience.  This was her choice and I’m just helping out.

I make these statements to you now for anyone reading this for the first time or anyone who might have questions about her motives.  It was expressed to Cydney that they thought  that although this effort was commendable, she should also be reminded that this may all be premature as she is not recovered, she is in recovery.  Well, no duh… is all I have to say to that remark.  Cydney explained what I explained above, but I have a feeling that the person who made this statement to her and the others who know about her blog in rehab, may not have even read any of this yet.   If they had, they would understand that sharing her experience through her journey into recovery and sobriety is what its all about.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  Come what may.  This isn’t going to be an easy road to navigate….by any means.  Cydney intends to share it all with you. SHE IS NOT RECOVERED!  We know that.  Nor will she be recovered once done with this 1 year program.  She will still have so much work to do….but writing can be a cathartic experience and as long as she wants to do this…wants me to keep it going for her, I will.

While she can’t send in her own writings, we do discuss the topics that I write for her and the sentiments she wants conveyed.  She would like any one reading this to know she has nothing but good intentions in sharing her story.  Just because she is in rehab and sober, sharing her experiences, does she for a minute think that she is recovered from her addiction.  Drug addiction is also known as a substance use disorder, which is something Cydney will deal with for the rest of her life.  She is fully aware of this.  But, she also knows that living a full, happy and balanced life is possible and this she aims to share with her audience.  We both hope you keep coming back to read.


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